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Last Planet on the Left

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Last Planet on the Left further cements Digney Fignus's standing as one of the most complete and thought-provoking songwriters gracing the roots/Americana landscape. Lyrically positive and musically as brilliant as ever, these 12 songs have more hooks and lures than a fishing tackle box. IfLast Planet on the Left doesn't get you moving, check your pulse and see if you're still alive!"  

 - Reb Landers,The Alternate Root

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Figtone Music, Last Planet on the Left

Like good wine, Dig has mellowed with age: his great voice is a little deeper now and maybe wiser and a little more authoritative, but just as expressive as always; he does weary, bitter, and affectionate especially well. This CD is alt/country with a bit of rock and reggae mixed in and all tunes are written by Dig Fig himself. The opening cut, “High Heeled Shoes,” with its cool harp and fiddle, has a real barnyard feel. “Someday” and the title song, “Last Planet on the Left,” with their great lap steel, takes it back home to Nashville. The ska in “Boom-Ba-Da-Da-Da Boom” is an uptempo delight, and the country blues piano in “Why Work?” is pure bar room. “She Should Have Known” and “The Reverend’s Daughter” are C&W weepers and “Crossed the Line” is great country/rock and may be the hit of the CD. The last cut, “Four Horsemen” is almost spiritual in its mood and delivery. This Dave Minehan-engineered project sounds better and better song after song. Mellencamp meets Buffet.

By: A.J. Wachtel

Digney Fignus, Last Planet on the Left

Digney Fignus is a Boston based singer and songwriter. He played guitar with the punk band called the Spikes and performed for underground loft shows. This eventually led Fignus to run “Streets,” one of the first punk nightclubs in Boston.

The big break in Fignus’ career arrived when he won the MTV basement tapes with his song and video of “The Girl with the Curious Hand.” The next step was a release on Columbia Records that Fignus co-produced with Leroy Radcliff. Further success found Fignus when he won the WZLX Boston anthem contest with the critically acclaimed song “Boston Town.” Since then, Fignus has been busy as a celebrity judge on a local Boston television show and busy planning his latest release.

Two of his prior releases, Trouble on the Levee and Talk of the Town comprised a “Cajun Opera” that told the story of Johnnie Boudreaux and his adventures on the river. He recorded these with Dave Mattacks, whom he met at the National Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine. The interesting thing about most of Fignus’ songs is his ability to tell a story and have an engaging song at the same time. Last Planet on the Left is a bit of a departure from the Cajun feel of his last two albums as tracks like “She Should Have Known” indicates. It is infectious and at times thought provoking. On another side of the musical spectrum, fans of Jimmy Buffett will enjoy “Boom-Ba Da-Da-Da.” Digney Fignus is a talented performer with a sound that can range from punk, Cajun, country and even roots rock, depending on what mood he is striving for in any given song. His ability to shift gears and tell a compelling story while he is giving you visual cues with song and sensation is simply put, truly artful.

Last Planet on the Left is quirky, thought-provoking, and an engaging roller coaster ride of sound.

By: Dana Wright- Muzikreviews.com Contributor

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